Frequently asked questions


No. Every player in our games has their rights and we cannot restrict them in any way (if they do not violate the law in their country).

Our site requires you to solve a captcha since Roblox uses scraping bots to auto ban the games posted in Discord and in this site.

You can find our latest condo upload by clicking here

You can generate a private condo by clicking here

You can buy moderator/admin commands with Robux by clicking the shop icon in-game.

By buying you accept that your rank can be taken away at any time without refunds if you decide to abuse.

Note that for security reasons ranks higher than admin are not available to purchase in-game.

Yes, your HD Admin rank is synced across all of our uploads.

No unless you say something in the game chat that could obviously get you banned.

Please inform our team about this incident, be sure to attach the time and a screenshot, this will help us in the future to fix possible problems in our bot that exist.

Make sure not to use alternative accounts.


Try to wait a few moments before joining the game, if that does not work then try to generate a new one.